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Even The Slightest Chance-Nicole Clevenger--115K--PG Mulder and Scully head to a small town to investigate the mysterious deaths of two girls.

Scully ends up taking care of Mulder when he becomes ill (big surprise there *S*).

Silver Karma-Ali Harrett--18K--PG-13 Mulder is emotionally raped, and Scully goes out to find him.

Redux II Re-worked: Perfect Blue Building-Jacqueline Mackay--13K--PG The Mulder/Bill Scully "discussion" as it should have been done.

Keeping Faith-Tara Hicks--15K--PG Mulder thinks about his life, and comes to a final decision. Half Trying To Be Whole-Tara Hicks--21K--PG Scully leaves Mulder and they must live with the result...

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Primal Sympathy(1/3)-Lydia Bower--107K--R(MSR) Primal Sympathy(2/3)--134K Primal Sympathy(3/3)--79K In order to find a cure for Scully's cancer, Mulder fakes his own death without her knowledge.

Takes place between Mulder's nailing of Blevins and the final scene of the Redux II.

O, Tannenbaum-Carol Gritton--11K--G A Christmas story with a little twist.

Disoriented-Rachel Ehrentreu--154K--R While on a routine case in New York City, Mulder and Scully fall into a Consortium trap.

Sister, Sister-Talia--108K--PG-13--MSR Mulder and Scully find themselves entangled in a dangerous web of lies - and feelings - that they are more connected to than they think.*Severe Angst Warning* Acadia (1/2)-Rivka T--101K--R Acadia (2/2)--102K A multiple murder case in Maine tests Mulder and Scully's partnership.

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