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The benefits don't stop with proteges: People who mentor often are more productive, better socialized, and less stressed, Scandura says.They also tend to develop a loyal network of supporters, gather valuable perspective from younger employees, and gain insight into other parts of the business.You can ask managers to set up matches, have human resources do it randomly, let people pick each other, or have them fill out forms and match them based on skill sets or goals.IBM relies on an online database that lets employees search for their own mentors.Will it be new recruits, managers, or promising young leaders? If you hope to use the program to aid recruitment, seek out those who like teaching younger people.If your goal is to groom the next generation of leaders, then team them up with top-level managers.Be sure managers recognize mentoring accomplishments and allow time for the relationships.Identify how many people should be mentored and who they will be.

“You should have their understanding and their support.“We were trying to engineer the relationships,” Plimmer says.“There is such a wide spectrum of things you are bringing to that relationship, and we were only looking at a couple of dimensions.” Larger businesses often encourage matches between people from different parts of the country or from different operations of the business.Even with no ulterior motives, Forte-Trammell says, a perfectly sincere manager can set up an apprentice for failure by blurring the distinction between assigned tasks and mentored activities.“It’s penalty-free speaking,” says Sharon Sadowski, an IBM product manager in Chicago who talks monthly with her mentor, Lindsay-Rae Mc Intyre, a human resources manager in Rochester, Minn.

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