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Melvin went out of his way to spend extra clinical time with Iris during their counseling sessions; when possible, Melvin scheduled their sessions for the end of the day so that no other client’s appointment would force them to end the session after precisely 50 minutes.

Toward the end of one session, Melvin asked Iris if she would like to spend a little time with him outside the office “so we can get to know each other a little better.” Melvin went on to explain to Iris that he was feeling attracted to her and sensed that she may feel something toward him.

Many of these situations start with a gradual erosion of the social worker’s neutrality in relation to the client; the social worker may take a special interest in the client that gradually leads to discussion of personal issues not part of the therapeutic relationship.

The social worker may begin sharing confidential information about other clients, partly because the “special” client has gained favored status.

Given this, you may appreciate that I was disappointed by the suggestion in that I’m a one-dimensional polluting figure and that sex-workers are not entitled to support politicians, just like any other citizen.

The problem with this salacious story is that it will have a significant impact on other sex-workers throughout the UK; from phone-sex operators to cam performers.

It reinforces the idea that we’re not normal and that we exist only to create scandal.

Other sex workers will read this ‘story’ and wince, it’ll make other people like me think twice before trying to take part in activities that others take for granted.

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” To answer that question I have to declare that I am Misha Mayfair; I am an adult actress; and I have the same right to engage in politics as anybody else.

I can’t help but think that if we could change the narrative in the press, humanize sex workers and a give sex workers a voice as opposed to running ‘shock’ factor or moralistic stories then we may come closer to getting the much needed safety and equal rights for one of the most marginalised groups in our country.

For many years, Melvin provided clinical services to children and families, specializing in child behavior management problems, couples counseling, and family therapy.

Sadly, the pattern associated with Melvin’s unethical client involvement is not unusual among the small percentage of social workers who enter into inappropriate dual relationships.

The good news is that relatively few social workers become involved in such relationships. Do No Harm Sexual misconduct between clinical social workers and clients takes various forms.

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