White collar matt bomer dating

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(2.11) Kate runs off after Neal attempts to con her to go to Copenhagen to help Alex steal the music box.Neal attempts to find her once he returns to New York but is unsuccessful.Her last visit was four and a half months before he was to be released (six weeks before he escaped) where she again breaks up with him.(1.1) Once Neal is released as Peter's criminal informant, he spends the next several months trying to track Kate down.They ordered the most expensive food they had (which included 5 thousand-dollar hamburgers).From the window, there was a view of a rundown old bridge.(2.14) Peter uses Kate (without her knowledge) to capture Neal.

Neal was going to use the ring to propose to Kate and hid it in a statute in Madison Square Park.He finally has the opportunity to escape with her, but hesitates at the last minute.Before he could choose, the plane Kate is on explodes and she is killed.Once at the end of Copycat Caffrey and the other at the end of Under the Radar.Alex has suggested that she might want to get back together with Neal if things don't work out with Kate, but they remain friends after Kate's death.

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