Who is antonio sabato jr dating 2016

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Antonio said he does not believe Obama is a Christian, and he says “the guy had an agenda” when he took office to take the country to the left.He told ABC News that he “absolutely” believes President Barack Obama is a Muslim in his heart, and he (Antonio) has the heart to believe that. He does not support the constituion” Antonio also related he was not concerned about vocally supporting Trump in liberal-leaning Hollywood and didn’t care if that caused people to judge him. Watch Antonio’s post speech talk, and his speech when he took the stage at the RNC after the jump.The variety of physical types of daters also increase exponentially when you expand your search to international locations.

However, it was Sabato’s post-speech interview with ABC News, where he let loose on his feelings on the race for the presidency, and his thoughts on President Obama.As many celebs learn the hard way, meeting someone on a movie set in a pampered, fairy tail like situation for 2 months, isn’t representative to real relationships and that is why so many celeb relationships fail.But it’s all about finding someone with your common interests, and someone who makes you want to be a better person.As always be careful to really get to know who you’re looking to meet before investing the expense to meet them.Love won’t ask you for money or deny you reasons to meet.

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