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The special effects for this fire including tons of smoke above Honolulu and related scenes with lots of firemen were actually very good.

Five-Zero takes shelter in a cabin in the middle of the fire, which is kind of ridiculous, but not as much as what follows, where Mc Garrett manages to get out of the forest, commandeer a helicopter and fly back above the cabin.

Then Danno, Grover and Rey hook cables dangling from the copter under the cabin which Mc Garrett then lifts up with the three of them inside and takes them to safety (seriously).

Duclair fled into the burning forest some time before this, and he is the only casualty of the blaze, according to news reports.

His door having opened automatically, he walks out of the place into blazing sunshine as the guards are locked in their room, both thanks to Mi Zchief.At this point, there are still about seven minutes of the show left.Danno goes to visit Rey, who is still mulling over whether she wants to be part of Five-Zero.He goes back to Tao and gives him and his two sons the same gross treatment, and then goes after Miz Chief, the guy who got him out of jail.Just as he has drenched Wright with gasoline, Rey shows up at Wright's place, having decided Five-Zero's offer is worth considering.

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