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It’s not healthy to be in a relationship if there’s no growth. You also have to choose a person who is growing with you on the journey, understanding that you both want to be in a relationship, the person you are with brings out the best in you, you bring out the best in them, and you both encourage each other to become better. I was standing there talking to one of the other waiters and I said: “You don’t meet girls anymore that make you go WOW,“ and then I looked up…and I saw Rachael.She asked me where a table was and we started talking. I think some of my readers will be surprised to hear that.It’s hilarious when we have fighting scenes, and when we have photo shoots. He ends up coming there, but he is not there for the whole delivery part. As long as Cane feels he needs to be the baby’s father, no matter what, whether he is the baby’s father or not, it will continue. CHRISTEL: This is my theory: crying scenes are the easiest, because whatever brings you to that, it will be truthful, because you are actually really crying, whereas, when you have a normal scene, its harder to stay truthful the entire time. There are times when I have to be angry or screaming in a scene and that will make me cry. MICHAEL: Why was Josh Griffith let go, do you think? MICHAEL: How is working with daytime classic soap executive producer, Paul Rauch? I am like, “Daniel, just shut up and calm down.” And he will say, “Crystal, think about this.” And I am like, “Eh. In real life my husband is nine years older than me.When we look at each other really mean, we laugh at each other afterwards. MICHAEL: This week is a HUGE and pivotal week for the “Quad”. MICHAEL: Billy has known for some time that he’s the ‘baby daddy’, and that makes things all the more horrible! If you see someone about to have a baby, your logic and hatred goes out the window. MICHAEL: Does he find out who the baby’s father really is? MICHAEL: Will devoted Lily/Cane fans be happy in the foreseeable future? They will be happy, because of the way Cane finds out and how he reacts to it. It’s just so funny because the writers took so long to break us apart, and then all of sudden, its “bam”. In real life when you are apart from someone, you want to be with that person. I can see how it would happen, but it’s a little funny. He had been thinking this is his child, and when he finds out that it isn’t we will see Cane’s character change in a lot of ways for the good. Cane and Billy are brothers, and Chloe and I are always at each other, so I think it will always go on. MICHAEL: Have you noticed a difference in the scripts under Maria Arena Bell and this new regime? It’s OK.” (She laughs) MICHAEL: Remember way back at the start of the Cane/Lily relationship, so much was made of their age differences. It’s so funny how these relationships come and go on soaps. ” MICHAEL: Coming up this week on “Y&R” it’s going to be, ‘hold on to your seats’ kind of drama. CHRISTEL: Make sure you watch, because it’s crazy the way everything unfolds. It does not happen all at once, but it’s not over a long drawn out period, either. He had long hair and a beard, and he looked like Jesus. Usually, it’s expensive and you don’t buy it, and anything you see any celebrity wearing is usually borrowed. And there are certain poses that actresses know how to do to make their dress look good. CHRISTEL: I was the only person from “Y&R” last year, so that’s probably why I won. Do you like the whole process of picking out a dress to go to these types of ceremonies and to walk the red carpet, or don’t you really care? I try to put it off as long I can, because I hate formal gowns. MICHAEL: So, what’s prepping for an award show red carpet like for you? You go to lots of different shops or designers and look at choices and options. (She laughs) I feel like a goofball when I am standing there.And as devoted of a husband and father as his fictional counterpart is, fans everywhere will be delighted to learn that Daniel Goddard is even more so in real life.Like Cane, Daniel is a one-woman man with two little ones and a busy career.

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I was in a mindset before I met Rachael where I was willing and open to meet her, and when it came along I wasn’t expecting it and I wasn’t looking for it.She gave me her number, and I took ten days to call her. Typically if a guy waits that long, we think it means he’s not that interested…but your situation proves that theory wrong!DG: I knew when I met her that she was ‘The One.’ But I waited ten days because I had to make sure that all my ducks were in a row and I was prepared to go into this and not ruin it.Billy Miller (Billy) is a great actor and I have worked with Daniel Goddard (Cane) for a long time. Chloe is about to give birth in the cabin where Billy and Lily are having a romantic getaway! CHRISTEL: We are there for a Valentine’s Day trip and Chloe follows us there. At first I don’t believe her, but then I see clearly that her water broke. CHRISTEL: Billy found out when Chloe fell off the ladder and she went to the hospital. ” When he finds out he keeps it quiet, because he figures out that he is the father. MICHAEL: Isn’t it odd that Lily, who just found out about this lie, is helping to deliver the new little bundle of joy? I mean, it’s a big snowstorm and we are all snowed in. Then the way that Lily reacts to it ends up working out really well, also. MICHAEL: MICHAEL: You recently got married to musician Stephen Hensley. She is looking through the window and she hears Billy tell me that he is the father of her baby. But before we do, Billy is feeling very guilty and that’s when he says to Lily, “Listen, I have to tell you something.“ Chloe overhears it and bursts through the door.

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