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The civil rights leader was pronounced dead at St Joseph’s Hospital at 7.05pm.Ray’s fingerprints were found on a Remington .30-06 Gamemaster rifle dumped near the front of the boarding house.Dr King and everyone around him immediately concluded that what became known as “the suicide letter” was the work of an FBI agent.We now know that the FBI had been wiretapping Dr King’s phones since 1963 and had started a counterintelligence operation to discredit him.

For one thing, Dr King’s own family have been among the most prominent in suggesting that Ray might have been framed.

In reaching such conclusions they were assisted by a perhaps unlikely ally: Ray’s new lawyer William F. It was Pepper who did much to publicise the story that Ray was now telling from his prison cell, in between his four attempts to escape from it.

Ray insisted that the real story was that after escaping from the Missouri State Pen, he had been approached by a blond Cuban going by the name of Raoul.

The misspelt letter accused Dr King of being a “colossal, evil, vicious fraud”, and denounced him as an “abnormal beast”.

In what many interpreted as a hint that he should kill himself, the letter stated: “There is only one thing left for you to do”.

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