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I was sixteen, and it was the first “real”, adult, piece of jewelry I owned. One was a replica of my original Confirmation cross, and the other was a cross for my son. I know that Heaven is rejoicing that he is there, even as we are mourning that he is not here. His work has been a significant part of my life since 1963, when I received a cross as a Confirmation gift. He was an artist, and his gift was his vision of the eternal.These days my husband gifts all us girls in the family (6 of us) with J Avery pieces. Many years ago my mother and father bought me and my sisters each a Love, Hope, Faith Ring.

They said yes, of course, but we can also replace it. Even the Fredricksburgh police helped us to look for it.In 1968 I received a second cross as a graduation present from UT. Avery the story, and he graciously offered to replace the cross at no charge. But such a legacy of Beauty and kindness he left us, a deep well spring of Love which will never run dry. Avery is in heaven creating even more beautiful designs for our arrival.I married that year and was given a bracelet with one charm on it by my husband. My son was in first grade, and had begged me to let him wear my 1963 cross to school. It was no longer in stock, so my impression was that he would have to craft a single item. My most sincere condolences on your loss, and my most grateful appreciation for an example of a life well lived that was Mr. He created such beautiful and meaningful pieces here I can only imagine what he’s doing there! James Avery was a legend in his own time creating lifetime pieces of jewelry that touched the hearts of millions of people.I know that she was looking out for me, and that she and the Lord were keeping me together.I wear something from James Avery every single day of my life.

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