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The actor isn’t hesitant anymore to introduce his beloved to the fans and media.

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Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have hinted that, while several episodes will be longer than the standard 60 minutes, the finale will exceed the length of last season's which clocked in at a whopping 90 minutes.

And although the heavily hyped follow-up to the beloved holiday-themed romance premiered in the U. Jamie (Colin Firth) and his girlfriend (Sienna Guillory) have also gotten married (and had a few kids).

A new scene featuring Laura Linney‘s love-lost character Sarah.

season 2 aired what could well be the greatest episode to date with an action-packed spectacle that slammed the brakes on the mythology instead focusing on world-building.

Continuing in what we hope is a consistent trend of cold opens, the HBO series placed us in a completely brand new location of what has been previously named 'Park Six,' the world drenched in Indian culture filled with elephants, Bengal tigers and - yes - rebellious hosts.

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