Windows xp not updating dst

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Given that the OS operates in UTC, the distinction is crucial.If you just change the time without changing the offset-from-UTC, then you have set the time incorrectly.Before then, we regard it as 0200 EST and we're 5 hours behind UTC.After that, we regard it as 0300 EDT and we're 4 hours behind UTC. What happens at the daylight savings switchover is not that 'the time changes' but 'our offset from the unchanged UTC has changed'.According to the Redmond company, customers should be aware that the August 2009 update is designed to replace a similar release that was offered in February of this year.Windows users will need to implement the refresh in order to have their copy of the operating system play nice with changes specific to time zones worldwide, including modifications ratified since the previous update was offered.Instead of "0700 UTC, local time is UTC-0400, therefore local time is 0300" you are likely to end up with "0800 UTC, local time is UTC-0500, therefore local time is 0300" which superficially looks correct (hey, it's 3 o'clock) but isn't. After thinking about it today, I think the issue is the fact that since the time I installed the DST patch, I also ran a repair installation of Windows XP after a malware removal program deleted a system file. I used which is used to edit the Time Zones within Windows.For whatever reason, the time zone for Eastern Standard Time (EST) was not updated to reflect changing in March.

Microsoft offered information on the “updates [introduced in comparison with] the previous cumulative Windows time zone update.Again, I think this had to do with running a repair installation a couple of months ago. Pacific Standard Time [which includes [or used to include?] Tijuana is the default time zone for Windows, at least for US versions.I was able to use the utility to change the start and end dates for DST.It's strange how they were not updated as they should have been with the Windows Update and that I did not encounter this problem when DST ended last year.

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