Wpf binding not updating textbox

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SOLUTION You could overcome that with a few lines of code using Grid View Column.

Cell Edit Template property and setting binding for the element in Edit mode (for example the editing element for Grid View Data Column is Text Box).

Wpf_Syncfusion_Binding_Issue_84ef01Hi Adam, We are able to reproduce the issue which you have mentioned here.

PROBLEM The Update Source Trigger property of the column's Data Member Binding is ignored.

One common requirement is to update the source when a user interface control loses keyboard (or logical) focus - WPF even provides , meaning that any event on a user interface control is capable of causing the binding to update.

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Similarly to property bindings, you can also add custom Hack bindings for commands as well.

CAUSE The reason for this behaviour is that the Rad Grid View overrides and changes the "Binding. It is designed like so because the editing and validation mechanism of Rad Grid View explicitly updates and validates values when the edit is over.

Otherwise validation and commit would happen on every key stroke.

, binding methods are now available as extension methods on your class.

Like many other things in Reactive UI, you should only set up bindings in a constructor or setup method when the view is created. In general, you shouldn't care about this return value, except if you want to break a binding manually, or you're on a XAML-based platform, where bindings can leak memory (Look in the "Binding" section under "XAML" for more on this).

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