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Gone are the outfits where your scarf’s function was 93% aesthetic; layers are now essential.

This is however not her first acting role, back in 2002 Liz was cast as the lead Veronica Lake in ‘The Real story of Veronica Lake’ for Studio Universal Italy.In 1996, Liz won the ‘Miss Great Britain’ International title, and one of the few British girls to win an international beauty pageant ‘Miss Dream Girl Bikini’ held in the Far East.Liz has held model campaigns with Kronenbourg 1664, Fosters, Sol Beer, and Timberland.I’ve been fascinated by her for going on five years, for reasons including and aside from her work. Back when I was working as a content moderator on an ‘x-rated’ gay dating channel, my colleagues […] I’m well up for porn.Though having an extremely vivid imagination means I can frolic with John Boyega and the cast of Magic Mike unimpeded by firewalls, and while the joy of a solo orgasm occasionally suffices without so much as a nipple crossing my mind, pornography still has a place in my life.

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