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For a while he was directing theater in New York City. He’s been working full time at HBO since 2011- he’s just in the IT department rather than on 2009, but hasn’t had any acting gigs since then.

He’s worked with the Impetuous Theater Group and been the theatre head of Buck Rock’s Performing and Creative Arts camp. Underwood was arrested in 2012 for drug possession and then again a few months later after violating his probation.

The song Addie wrote about him will immediately come back to fans when his name is mentioned. She also made an appearance in the show The short was about the video that Zoey buried in a time capsule that revealed her feelings for Chase.

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Tamberelli said he never really developed an attachment to fame.

Devon Werkheiser played the main character Ned Bigby, who wrote down life hacks and tips to help kids get through their school days.

Werkheiser also starred in the television movie and was released in 2013 and a second EP was released in 2015. So while people can no longer see Werkheiser on their television screens unless it’s a rerun, they may be able to hear him on the radio in the future.

Some went to college, some changed work industries, and some attempted to continue their careers with minimal success. She may be harder to remember because she was written out of the show after season one and replaced by Lola, played by Victoria Justice. The mischievous red-head was always butting heads with his sister and looking for creative ways to make money..

The producers simply thought Herrera looked too old to fit in on the show. What has Zimbler been up to since his days playing Ferghead?

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