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What to look out for: Hopefully we'll actually see Lara sees her in the South American jungle, still fighting the evil Trinity organisation and slightly activating the apocalypse, which she should probably sort out in between the all the stealth kills and showing off with the bow.

So far, from what's been shown, it feels more like a continuation than a progression for the series.

Release date: September 14Genre: Action/adventure What is it?

The third instalment of Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider series reimagining a modern, younger Lara on her journey to becoming the famous character we know and love.

But considering the game's stealthy, crafting open world action is always strong, that's no bad thing. Activision's annual war-em-up is back with a multiplayer only return to the BLOPs world.

What to look out for: It's all about the battle royale mode, Blackout, which promises to create a last man standing mega-map challenges out of every location, character and event from the BLOPs series.

Then, seconds later, swoop over a river and switch to a boat.

All of this is happening across a huge, open world interpretation of America, giving you the freedom to indulge just about every kind of racing, flying and boating imaginable.

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The sequel to Ubi racer that sees you driving, flying and boating across a huge open world adventure.If most Xbox fans got all their wishes, then we'll be seeing a new Fable, Forza Horizon 4, what's a head for Sea of Thieves and maybe, juuuust maybe, something Halo 6 shaped.For now, however, let's look at what are best upcoming Xbox One games for 2018 and beyond.The sequel to the cult hit superhero classic that showed street-wide jumps trump sandbox story-telling any day.What to look out for: Well, Crackdown 3 might secretly be the most exciting game in the world.

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