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This separation can improve content accessibility, provide more flexibility and control in the specification of presentation characteristics, enable multiple web pages to share formatting by specifying the relevant CSS in a separate file, and reduce complexity and repetition in the structural content.Separation of formatting and content also makes it feasible to present the same markup page in different styles for different rendering methods, such as on-screen, in print, by voice (via speech-based browser or screen reader), and on Braille-based tactile devices.This made documents more complex, larger, and more error-prone and difficult to maintain.CSS allows the separation of presentation from structure.Depending on the browser and the web site, a user may choose from various style sheets provided by the designers, or may remove all added styles and view the site using the browser's default styling, or may override just the red italic heading style without altering other attributes.It determines which styles apply to an element when more than one rule could apply. H1) has a specificity of 1, class selectors have a specificity of 1,0, and ID selectors a specificity of 1,0,0.

All font colors, background styles, element alignments, borders and sizes had to be explicitly described, often repeatedly, within the HTML.

In print and on the screen, choice of font, size, color and emphasis for these elements is presentational.

Before CSS, document authors who wanted to assign such typographic characteristics to, say, all headings had to repeat HTML presentational markup for each occurrence of that heading type.

Descendant elements may inherit CSS property values from any ancestor element enclosing them.

In general, descendant elements inherit text-related properties, but box-related properties are not inherited.

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